How to Meet Women

Often, the way of thinking and behavior of girls is incomprehensible and even unpredictable to men. You will hardly find the best way to meet women since they are all different and need special approaches. Simple things can be sometimes very complicated, but we have trust partner – bebemur. And if you don’t know how to meet a nice woman, then you should do some research and be ready to involve two different ways of attraction when meeting females. Introverts often have problems finding a girl. But this does not mean that dating for a male introvert is not a necessity. Everyone in the world wants love to one degree or another.
 You should draw their attention both physiologically and psychologically. Let’s find out good ways to meet women and figure out the main mistakes.

Why Is It Sometimes Difficult to Meet a Girl?

A woman of the 21st century is an active and determined lady who knows what she wants and often takes control of the situation. And although the chain “plant a tree – build a house – raise a son” is still owned by men, most girls are not shy about doing it on their own.
And, unfortunately, many men are already used to this reality, so they don’t know how to meet women if girls don’t approach them first. It’s all about the ability to be responsible for one’s own life and personal happiness. Against the background of how the female half of the world is learning to propose to their chosen ones, a simple acquaintance with a guy no longer seems something grandiose or strange. Men are worried about how to meet more women, but they expect that all these girls will approach them themselves, so they will have to do nothing, just enjoy the process.

A fabulous life in which you can just sit and wait for your soulmate is, of course, good, but it is very advisable not to turn the search for a suitable partner into a waiting area.

To neither fall into the trap of your despair nor to torment yourself with the question, “How do I meet women if they don’t want to get acquainted?” it’s better to sort out your expectations and understand what you are ready to do.

How to Prepare Yourself to Find a Girl?

The rich inner world, perspectives, romance, and other merits or positive qualities of a man are not visible at first sight. No matter how cliché it may sound, but the best way to meet women is to be ready for it both mentally and physically. The first impression depends to a greater extent precisely on the appearance. And although later good character traits and other advantages will strengthen sympathy, it is better to start preparation with your appearance.

1. Hands

Strong male arms are one of the female weaknesses. Moreover, it is not necessary to have bazookas instead of shoulders. Even a small muscle relief will already be cool. For a greater effect, you can choose a T-shirt that fits snugly, visually making muscles look bigger. Besides, don’t forget about neat, trimmed nails. This is a sign that the guy watches himself and does not like to be messy.

2. Beard

Most often, even bristles or a good-looking mustache is suitable. Merlin’s beard will be clearly superfluous, only rare girls with a specific taste will like it. Most girls prefer a short well-groomed option. Barbershops are everywhere nowadays, so you can visit one of them and get a stylish beard. By the way, they can also recommend a great hairstyle that will make your appearance more attractive.

3. Clothes

You won’t have to follow the latest fashion trends, but it’s better to develop simple accuracy and at least some taste. Crumpled shirts, dirty shoes, too bright, inconsistent colors, strange patterns will push the lady away even before you decide on saying, “Hello.” Girls pay attention even to whether the guy is dressed for the weather.

4. Perfume

It is one of the most erotic, enticing and difficult to explain points. A good perfume makes the girl even more interested and open to communication. It intrigues, turning its owner into a mysterious sexual man. To choose a suitable perfume can be a challenge. Sometimes it is important to consider your personality, not adapting to popular queries.

5. Eye contact

Color, shape and eye size are not so significant. Eye contact is always important. The ability to squint cute while smiling looks attractive. However, the main weapon is the ability to look at the interlocutor with frank delight and gleam in the eyes. Making magnetic eye contact is one of the greatest ways to meet women.

Is It Worth It to Worry About Failure?

First, you should calm down and think about the most awful scenario. What can happen if you face rejection of a stranger? Is she the last woman on the earth and after rejection, you are doomed to loneliness? Nope. So, what are you worried about? Anyway, if you constantly reflect on all possible failures, you lower your confidence. And what girl wants to get acquainted with a guy who stoops, stutters, and in general, doesn’t know any effective ways to meet women because his self-esteem is somewhere on the bottom? Only a desperate girl who believes that she cannot attract any worthy man will pay attention to such a man.

It’s not easy to get rid of fears and complexes, but it’s an integral part of the way to success. Start with your gestures, facial expressions, postures to give yourself decisiveness. Thus, over time, you will believe in yourself and start behaving differently. Such changes will be significant and visible, so you will understand that it is not worth it to worry about failure because numerous successful moments are ahead.

Tips How to Meet Women

Now when you know how to charm a girl with your appearance, it’s necessary to move further and take a closer look at the appropriate behavior patterns that will guarantee you success. Remember that accuracy and little tricks can enhance sympathy. A man’s confidence in actions and his own appearance will please any lady, and the guy will feel stronger and more attractive. Expecting the versatility of such methods is perhaps not a good idea. However, if you look closely at the reaction of your interlocutor, quickly correcting the situation if necessary, you can easily win a girl over. Here are five tips that will come you in handy when you decide to make up your own best ways to meet women.

1. Do not be tactless

Sometimes novice pickup artists who have just finished their courses of seduction, make a huge mistake, confusing decisiveness with rudeness. Nobody likes it when someone puts pressure on them. Perseverance greatly spoils the first impression. Such behavior can make a woman feel awkward or even unsafe. Besides, politeness is in vogue nowadays. The golden mean is to be confident and decisive, but not put any pressure on the lady. It is also better not to get acquainted with a girl who has just quarreled with someone, who is in the circle of friends or is seriously busy with something. The obvious presence of a boyfriend, even if there have problems in their couple, is another reason to try your luck with the girl.

2. Be attentive

Today the world around you can provide you with numerous ways to find out some important information. For example, a girl’s appearance, her Instagram profile or a page on a dating site can become a wealth of information. What is a print on her t-shirt? Is it some famous character? Ask something about it. Does she like Mariah Carey or Dua Lipa? Ask her why she likes them and whether she wants to visit their concerts or something like that. Any information can become an icebreaker. Such little things result in long conversations with mutual rapprochement. Girls are flattered that the guys show attention, interest, respect for their tastes, opinions. When you are meeting chicks, the strategy is the same.

3. Don’t be obsessed

Meeting a girl for a romantic dating shouldn’t be connected with a specific time or place. If you constantly focus on something specific, you can miss a lot of opportunities. The same goes for ways to find out a name, take a phone number, ask out on a date, or other such aspirations. Often, the failure to meet women arises precisely because of this reluctance to be more flexible. Improvisation, resourcefulness, ingenuity will help meet girls. 

4. Use compliments right

You should neither forget about compliments completely nor overdo with them. Everything should be in moderation. This is the only way to succeed. If you start paying compliments to a girl about her non-existent features right away, she may think that you are another pickup artist who is looking for a one-night stand. However, if you decide to ignore paying compliments at all, a girl may believe that you don’t like her enough to have serious intentions. So, a proper compliment can play a crucial role when meeting girls.

5. Face rejection adequately

A woman is not obliged to immediately take your offer to get acquainted or give her phone number. Rejection is her personal right. Another thing is how she presents it. If she does that politely and calmly, she deserves the respect of her personal space and herself as a person. If she is rough, then she is definitely not your type.

Everything Will Be Great

Knowing how to meet a girl correctly, you can count on a date, her interest, a good attitude towards yourself, and even improved self-esteem. The first and most difficult step is to deal with your shyness and fear of failure. But if you take the new acquaintance as something completely ordinary, everything will go perfectly.