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Guys?! I cannot explain the delight I am feeling about being able to write this blog post here on My Lacquer Cabinet today!  This blog was hacked back in early June 2017 and I have been trying until now to get it back. With the help of a lovely friend, I was able to regain control.  For now, all old posts are still missing, but I am also very hopeful that we will be able to get those back too.

Anyways, enough about that and now back to why we’re here – NAIL POLISH.

A couple years ago, I created a group on Facebook for thermal nail polish lovers (Holy Shift – Thermal Nail Polish Lovers) and tonight I have the two group exclusive polishes brought to us from Night Owl Lacquer. Settle in because these polish are going to blow your socks off.

Hot Shift

Hot Shift is described as a slightly red tinted black (when cool) to a blood red (when warm) thermal with black holo microglitters, red holo microglitters, and metallic red shards.  This polish is the real deal.  The red is a perfect red (not too orange and not too blue) and the deeper colour is probably best described as oxblood.  The jelly-like finish gives it depth for days.

I got so many compliments when wearing this polish because the pigment is so reactive that my nails almost always showed in it the transition state so it looked like a gradient.  People who aren’t into nail polish the way us addicts are are always amazed by thermals.

I used three thin coats for the coverage you see here. I let each coat dry for a few minutes before adding the next coat. I recommend a high gloss top coat to really take the shine level up a notch.

In The Shift

In The Shift is a medium grey (when cool) to pale grey (when warm) thermal polish that is filled with pink to gold shifting shimmer and pink crystal flakes of various sizes.  So….this polish.  It’s a shifting shimmer inside a thermal shifting polish. Shifting inception here, friends.  It honestly blew my mind.  The grey base is enough of a contrast that it is noticeable and then with the shimmer and the flakes that appear to be like glass fleck?  *thud* Call me speechless.

I used three thin coats for the coverage you see here.  In the warm state, two coats allowed my nail line to still peek through but the third coat allowed it to be opaque.  I let this cure completely overnight before getting photographs. I find thermals are always better on the second day and I wasn’t disappointed. In The Shift had an easy application.  It did dry a touch on the matte side, so again, I recommend using a glossy topcoat.

Hot Shift and In The Shift are both available now in Night Owl Lacquer’s store.  They will be available for members of the Holy Shift group until March 16th, 2018. There are some that are available now and ready to ship and once they’re gone, the sale will be turned into a pre-order with a TAT of about two weeks. They cost $10 each (pssssst….check the group for a discount code!!) for 15ml bottles.  This is a STEAL guys!

Will you be grabbing one or both of these thermals?

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