Vapid Spellcaster was one of the best selling polishes Hella Holo Customs ever had. I missed the first round bottle release but snagged the second release and was so glad I was able to get my hands on it. When I got Who-Pudding from the Fair Maiden 2016 Merry Grinchmas collection on first glance I thought these polishes could be dupes or at least very close!

Spellcaster (2.0) has a darker base, more brown leaning than the purple leaning of Who-Pudding. They both have intense holo and shift to green, but Spellcaster has flakies that Whopudding is missing. I have Spellcaster on my index and ring finger, Who-pudding is on my pointer and middle fingers. I think for those who wished that Spellcaster leaned more purple Whopudding would be a great alternative. The formula of both polishes was great. Minimal cleanup needed for both as application was smooth and the polishes were a perfect consistency. For both I used two coats of polish plus top coat. Photos were taken in full sun – easy to see all the differences that way!


Here are the macro shots of each polish. You can really see the flakies in the Vapid polish. And again, the purple base of the Fair Maiden is very obvious in the macro. You can tell that the holo is strong in both and very similar, too!


Finally, the shift to green is stronger in Spellcaster.

So I would not call these polishes dupes at all, but they are close. And maybe close enough to fulfill the Spellcaster hole in your helmer. Or for those who prefer purple leaning polishes Who-Pudding will fill that purple sized hole in your Spellcaster heart 🙂

What do you think of these two amazing polishes? Did you pick up both? One? Can you pick a fav between the two?


~ Terra

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