Crystal is continuing our theme of Breaking Bad week here at My Lacquer Cabinet!

When this line came available on, I couldn’t decide between this one and Better Call Saul.  They both looked so similar online.  I ended up ordering both, and I’m glad I did.

Crystal is a blue polish that leans very teal in certain lights and has a subtle holo effect.  This polish was the biggest and nicest surprise of the bunch that I ordered.  I actually gasped when I unwrapped the bottle.  Let me say, pictures of this polish do not do it justice.  It is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful depth to it.  I cannot say enough good about this polish.

Like the other BrBa polishes I’ve reviewed, this was two coats for full opacity.  The wear time of this polish was incredible.  I got a solid two weeks out of this polish which is unheard of for me.  It even survived games of volleyball without chipping!

Crystal is a gorgeous polish that I highly recommend.  Although I liked both Crystal and Better Call Saul, if you can only choose one, make it this one.




~ Terra

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