This polish is another one from the OPI/Gwen Stefani collaboration line.  Hey Baby is described as a hot pink creme and that’s exactly what it is.  This shade is exactly what I expect to see of a nail polish line by Gwen Stefani.  The formula, however, left a lot to be desired.

I found this polish to be very streaky and difficult to work with.  I had a lot of drag marks and needed to use thicker coats than I’d like.  After two coats, several nails were still patchy and there were brush strokes visible on my right hand.  I had to use a third to get somewhat passable results.  I really believe that it’s my experience with nail polish that made it so I could manage to make it presentable.  A novice polisher would probably have a lot of difficulty.

That being said, I love the colour and it’s so much fun to wear.  Too bad about the formula, though.

Without flash




~ Melissa

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