If you are a dark blue polish lover like me, this polish is a must-have for your collection.  I am seriously considering buying another one to have as a back-up since it is a limited edition from The Yokai Collection that was released autumn of 2012.

Quoted directly from their website “The Mischievous River Child. “Kawako” is our interpretation of the Kappa, depicted as everything from a water sprite to a river demon. Erring on the gentler side, “Kawako” is full of gorgeous silver and ice blue shimmer.”

I honestly can’t stop staring at my nails and don’t want to take this polish off.  I have an insane amount of dark blue polishes and this is definitely one of my favourites!

Photo is 2 coats.

Rainbow Honey can be purchased at:

Nail Polish Canada: http://www.nailpolishcanada.com

~ Melissa

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