This originally started as a review polish 4 in the Morning from OPI’s new Gwen Stefani collection.  As a last minute decision, I decided to use Love.Angel.Music.Baby (LAMB) as an accent nail.  That lead to a newfound love for me.  L.A.M.B is easily one of my favourite polishes in the last year and possibly in my top three of all time.

When Gwen Stefani announced she was collaborating with OPI on a collection, I was pretty excited.  I love everything about her and her style.  When I saw swatches for 4 in the Morning, Hey Baby, and I Sing In Colour that pretty much sealed the deal.  I bought the mini set from Nail Polish Canada that included those three along with L.A.M.B.

L.A.M.B is a champagne gold with fine gold shimmer.  It has a satin finish so it’s somewhat matte and smooth.  The colour is gorgeous (and that from someone who doesn’t really care for gold polishes) and really stands out in sunlight.  Application is great and could probably be a one coater.  I like the extra coverage, so I did two coats.  Dry time is quick and with no top coat needed, it was a fast manicure.



4 in the Morning is a dark charcoal bordering on black with a shimmer.  In natural light, it looked super matte and you couldn’t see the shimmer at all. I was unable to capture the shimmer in photos at all.  I really like dark colours and this was the one I was most drawn to in the collection but it fell flat (pun not intended).  I found that all the imperfections in my nails were really visible.  The formula was similar to L.A.M.B although it did need the two coats for full coverage.


As an aside, I think I am going to stick to the mini bottles of nail polish that OPI, Essie, and Deborah Lippmann offer.  With my collection continuing to grow, I don’t wear colours enough to justify full size bottles.  By purchasing the minis, I can check out more of a collection (and colours I wouldn’t normally try) without bottles sitting on the shelf never being used.  When I love a colour enough (like L.A.M.B), I’ll buy a full sized one.


~ Melissa

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