I am always on the hunt for more pinks to add to my collection.  When I saw that Emme was available in a swap box I take part in, I jumped at it.  It was different than any other colour I have so I took a chance.

Turns out, I don’t like it.

The polish leans towards a frost, so there are visible brush strokes.  The colour is a perfect Barbie pink, but maybe just a touch too pastel for my tastes.  It wasn’t the finish or the colour that sealed the deal on my dislike, though.  It was the fact that this polish just wanted to flood my cuticles.  I usually keep the start of the polish a couple millimetres above my cuticles but it was impossible to do with this polish.  I had to do quite a bit of clean up with my brush and remover to make it look presentable (you can see a couple beads of cuticle oil I used (to help keep the dryness away after acetone) on the nail).


~ Melissa

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