Last year, when it became trendy to start following indie brands of polish, I wanted to jump on a bandwagon.  I was looking for a brand that would be considered outside of the mainstream that I could love.  When I noticed Cirque on Nail Polish Canada, I took a closer look and decided to take a shot and order one.  I prefer darker colours so when I saw the bottle for Planet Caravan, I thought it just might be the one to convert me.

Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Planet Caravan is a sheer black base with tons of purple microglitter.  In the bottle, the glitter shows a colour shift towards a golden greenish and that’s what sold me.  It was so different than anything else I had in my collection.  The formula was thin on the first coat, but built opacity in two coats.  It dried to a semi-matte finish and even with a top coat of Seche Vite (which I have always found added high shine), it still looks dull to me.  The biggest disappointment is that the colour shift in the bottle doesn’t really translate onto the nail.  I did manage to capture one photo that showed it but I can’t begin to describe the weird positions I had to put my hand into to get it to show.

Overall, I am really not that much of a fan of this polish.  I know I shouldn’t judge a whole brand on one polish, but with so many amazing colours out there, it makes me sad to spend money on one I don’t love.




~ Melissa

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