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Guys? GUYS!?!?!? I have the most exciting blog post today.  A little over a year ago, I received my very first thermal nail polish.  Because they are known for having a slightly shorter shelf life (there is a possibility of the shift stopping if exposed to extreme temperatures), I passed them over for ages.  Then I was sent one as a press sample and I realized that I very rarely ever wear polish more than once so I should really BUY ALL THE THERMALS!  And I have.  Last spring, I started a Facebook group for people who also enjoy thermal nail polish like I do.  I enjoy puns just as much as I enjoy nail polish, so I called the group Holy Shift – Thermal Nail Polish Lovers. You’ll notice the theme of the pun running through the names of the polish in the box as well.

Most groups out there often offer group customs that are available to members of the group.  I thought about doing that but really wanted to do something a little different.  That’s where the idea of the Holy Shift Thermal Box came from.  I asked and a few of my favourite brands – Fair Maiden Polish, Fiendish Fancies, Joy Lacquer, and Supernatural Lacquer – were quick to join on and here we are.  Thermals are best explained via photos rather than prose, so be aware that this post is going to be photo heavy.

Holy Shift Thermal Box


Fiendish Fancies – Up Shift Creek


Up Shift Creek is a warm rich plummy purple when cold.  When warm it shifts to a striking magenta pink. It has added blue sparkle and copper shimmer for that little extra oomph. Pink AND purple in the same polish?!? Yes, please!  Both colours are stunning on their own and then in the transition phase it is like a girly party on my nails.











I used two coats for the opacity that you see in these photos.  The shift is very noticeable and even slight variances in temperature caused it to change, which I really enjoy.  I love the formula of Fiendish Fancies and this one is exactly the same.  Smooth, easily applied, and a top coat just brings out the sparkle.

Joy Lacquer – This Shift is Bananas! 


This Shift is Bananas! is a deep teal green that transitions to bright blue when warm. It has royal purple/lavender and pink shifty shimmers that complement both warm and cool states. I really enjoy this polish.  I have never seen a thermal that has green in the cold state with blue in the warm.  Each colour is so bright and cheery, I couldn’t help but love it every time I looked at it.  I would buy a polish in each of these colours, but together they are another whole level of awesome.












I used three thin coats for full coverage.  The first coat goes on a little sheer but it built up on the second coat and I added a third to deepen the depth of the pink shimmer in there.  The shift of this polish is much more evident when properly cured (all thermals are, really) so I wouldn’t be too upset if you don’t notice the shift as soon as it goes on the nail.  Wet thermals just are not the same.

Supernatural Lacquer – Shift for Brains


Shift for Brains is a black when cool, light grey when warm thermal with bronze/red shimmer and multi-coloured flakies. This polish.  This polish right here is exactly why I adore Stefanie. Not only is it crazy reactive but the details are just too beautiful for words.  I would take this polish in any way it is offered. I could rave about it forever or I can let the pictures speak for themselves.












I used two coats for the coverage you see here, though I could have easily gotten away with one.  Stefanie is known for putting a lot of effort into making her polish opaque in the least amount of coats possible so a one coater is never a shocker for me with Supernatural Lacquer.  It applied like a dream and I had no issues with dragging, even with the amount of flakes in there.  Perfection!

Fair Maiden – Shift Just Got Real


Shift Just Got Real is a blue leaning purple that shifts to a peachy nude when warm. This polish is loaded with violet red to orange chroma shimmer and rose gold crystal flakes and finished with a touch of linear holo. I am about to make a very bold statement.  This is my very favourite Fair Maiden Polish EVER.  Like, ever ever. I have a huge collection of FM so that tells you about this polish. It’s the flakes that really put this polish over the edge for me.  Fair Maiden Polish really can do no wrong and with this polish they got it oh so right.









fair-maiden-shift-just-got-real-transition-2 fair-maiden-shift-just-got-real-transition-1

I used two coats for coverage even though this is another one that could have probably been a one coater.  Fair Maiden Polish’s formula is known in the indie world for it’s quality, so it should come as no surprise that this one is no different.  Easy peasy.

*sigh* I obviously am so in love with this box and am so honoured to have had any part of it at all.  I am excited for other thermal lovers to get their paws on it so they can feel that same rush that I did when swatching it.

The Holy Shift Thermal Box will be available for pre-order starting at 10am CDT October 28 and will run until 11:59pm CDT on October 31.  However, there is a cap on the number of boxes that will cause the pre-order to close early if reached before the 31st.  If you’re mulling this one over, I wouldn’t think too long in case it sells quickly.  The price is $39.95 for all four full-size polishes and the shipping cost is US -$3.50 / Canada – $4 / International – $12. They boxes will be available HERE.


Holy Shift Thermal Box
Store / Facebook Group


~ Melissa

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