Shearling Darling is a super rich colour, a deep burgundy that looks almost black in the shade but only almost. It’s always visibly red even though it was darker on the nail than it looks like it should be in the bottle. The formula was good, not as great as the formula for Sable Collar but still workable. The first layer went on streaky and you definitely need to let it dry a bit between coats to avoid problems with application. You only need two coats though and it’s beautifully opaque.

As an aside, I really do wish that Essie would look at new brushes. I know brush preference is a personal kind of thing but, honestly, the Essie brushes are so thin I find them harder to work with.

With that said, the colour is a beautiful fall colour. Rich, vampy red that’s just beautiful. I got a lot of compliments on this one!




~ Melissa

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