Essie has always been one of my favourite brands.  I prefer a thinner formula that builds and that is exactly what Essie has been known for.  I had found that their colours were becoming a bit stale, but then they came out with the Summer 2013 collection and I was hooked again.  The Fall collection blew me away and I was equally stunned by their 2013 Winter Collection.  I bought three of them and am lusting after pretty much all of them.

Warm and Toasty Turtleneck is a dusty purple/lavender coloured creme.  It’s the perfect colour when you don’t exactly want a skin-toned neutral but you’re looking for something subdued and classy.  The application was smooth and was completely opaque in two coats.  My one gripe is that I wish Essie would look at changing the brush.  I find it a bit thin and it takes several strokes to coat a nail and that’s where I have issues with dragging.  I was aware of it in my application and didn’t have any issues.



Because I wore a similar colour a couple weeks ago and I don’t like to repeat colours that close together, I added an accent nail of Deborah Lippmann’s Today Is A Fairytale.  I am not usually a fan of glitters and rarely wear an accent nail, for that matter, but I do make an exception for that polish.  It’s a clear blue-ish base with silver microglitter and hex-shaped glitter.  Once added to the nail, it made the Essie base a touch darker than it was before adding it.  This is one coat of TIAFT.


When Warm and Toasty Turtleneck was first swatched online, it was the talk between us at My Lacquer Cabinet that it could be a dupe for OPI’s Parlez Vous OPI, a much lusted after but hard to find polish.  Since I am lucky enough to have a bottle, I decided to do a comparison.  I pulled out a few colours in my collection that are in the same colour family (the above mentioned plus OPI’s Do You Lilac It and Essie’s Merino Cool) and used my colour wheel to swatch them.

The result shows that while Parlez Vous OPI and Warm and Toasty Turtleneck are not exact dupes – PVO is a shade darker and a touch dustier – they are probably similar enough to satisfy the craving for the people looking for PVO.  On the nail, it is very hard to see a difference between the polishes. Do You Lilac It and Merino Cool are definitely in the same vein, but no where near being dupes.


No flash


With Flash

~ Melissa

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