I suppose I could give this post several titles but really, the best one would be “how do they fit that many colours in one bottle?”

Cygnus Loop is from the I Love Nail Polish line of Ultra Chromes. And sweet mother of mercy do they ever live up to that name. Ultra Chrome, Ultra colour, Ultra multi Chrome. Cygnus Loop is the first of two that I bought for myself. I managed to restrain myself from buying all four. Barely.

Cyngus Loop is amazing. The main colour is blue that shifts to purple but it doesn’t end there. No, it also shifts into fuschia, gold, bronze and even a reddish orange at the extreme ends. Truly fantastic. Application was a dream since the formula is a great one. I got full opacity in two coats and it’s got great depth. And the shifts were truly amazing. Seriously, at every angle, the colour was different. Gorgeous!

If you like a good multichrome nail polish, you definitely want to get your hands on these!

(The accent nail on my ring finger is from the Kiss line of nail appliques nice and sparkly and easy to use.)



~ Melissa

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