This colour is from the 2012 rock collection.  It was gifted to me from the lovely Kelsey.

It’s a warm grey with gold microshimmer, but is also flecked with silver and dark grey glitter.  It applied wonderfully in two coats.  The only thing is that it feels a little rough to the touch, so one extra coat of a top coat would even things out and give it a smoother feel.

This is a really stunning colour for fall and winter.  It’s a beautiful warm grey that compliments my warm skin tone.  I find it difficult to find greys that are complimentary because they’re all normally so cool.  This, however, is not at all.  The golden undertones are gorgeous.  If you can get your hands on a bottle of Conglomerate, I’d highly recommend it.  Nail Polish Canada sells this polish and offers free shipping.  Sadly, finding this brand is becoming harder to do since Sephora stopped stocking it.


~ Melissa

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