When I first saw swatches of the wax finish by Cult Nails, I was intrigued.  It really did look like melted wax on the fingernail.  I knew I wanted to try one and I was really drawn to the neutral colour of Let’s Get Dirty.

On my skin tone, it looks like a blush with purple undertones.  It really is a flattering colour for me and I can see it becoming one that I reach for when I need a palate cleanse for the nails.  The finish was soft and really feminine looking.  The downfall with that is that it picks up the imperfections on the nail.  The pictures show ripples on the pinky nail that are not visible to the naked eye.

I feel like this colour would also be really nice with a shiny topcoat.  Maybe I’ll give that a shot after a day or so if there are no chips on the manicure.



~ Melissa

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