For The Twill of It, from this years fall collection from Essie, is one of those polishes that are hard to explain. It is so multi-faceted, moving from green to purple to silver to blue depending on what light you’re in. Though I don’t have it, I’ve read that Peace & Love & OPI from OPI’s San Francisco collection is a dupe of this polish so if you have that one, you don’t need to rush out for Twill. But, if not, please go get this colour. It is an exceptional addition to any polish collection! The formula was fantastic as well, in one of those fine-after-one-coat-but-I-did-two-out-of-habit kind of ways.

A special shout-out to our very own Lauren for sending it to me!

Twill Outside 2

Twill Outside 1

Twill Inside


~ Melissa

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