Zoya Aurora is mid range purple, almost plum colour in some lights, scattered holographic.  The holo effect is quite lovely even in low light conditions.  The rainbow isn’t as bold as some of my other holograph polishes.  This one is still very obvious without being too in your face.  In low light, the holograph effect appears more silver than anything.

Application was decent.  The first coat was a bit patchy but it evened out fairly well with the second coat.  I would recommend heavier coats that you might usually do with this polish.  Dry time was a bit long however, the humidity is off the charts right now.  I have a suspicion that may have contributed to the longer than average dry time.

We’ve had nothing but rain for a week now but the dreary weather doesn’t take away from this polish.  It’s a darker colour but still has that pop of sparkle that I do love so much.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the sun!  Overall, it’s a great transition to fall colour.




~ Melissa

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