Every month, a bunch of bloggers get together and pick a prompt for an Indie Inlinkz post.  Since Thanksgiving was last week (for Americans), this month’s theme is ‘An Indie I Am Thankful For’.  While I’m not American, I can definitely get on board with letting indie brands know how grateful I am that I found them.  I’m also going to cheat a little here by picking two – one brand that has closed and another that is my current favourite.

Bitch by Jaclyn


Bitch by Jaclyn really was the first indie that I fell in love with. While I had tried A England and Enchanted Polish, it was really BbJ (back when it was Pretty Bitch Polish) that I developed a strong loyalty towards.

nailart (2)

It was the strong customer service, interaction with fans in the group, and what eventually became almost exclusively one-coat collections that had me going back for more again and again. The fact that I still count Jaclyn among my friends is just a lucky side-effect of finding the brand.

Go Topless 4

It was this introduction to what fun indie polishes could be that makes me really thankful for having found Bitch by Jaclyn, even though her doors closed back in July.

Top Shelf Lacquer

Black Cherry Cordial 2

Top Shelf Lacquer has filled the void that was left by Bitch by Jaclyn’s closing.  I really enjoy having a brand that I can be loyal to and buy all of their collections when released.  I can remember the day that I saw a swatch wheel of pastel polishes posted on Instagram with a ‘Coming Soon’ tag and I pretty much knew then and there that this brand had potential to become a favourite.

Pink Lady Margarita 1

Amy’s attention to detail, the stunning colours, lightening quick shipping, and interaction with her fan group really has drawn me in.  Her formula is also akin to high end polishes, as well.  I remember thinking the first one I tried was better than my Butter London polishes.


I am lucky to also count Amy among my friends.  I love that the polish world has allowed me the opportunity to develop friendships with people I would never have met otherwise.

If you had to choose an indie you were thankful for, who would you pick?

~ Melissa

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