***Polish provided by Nail Polish Canada for honest review***

A England holds a special place in my little polish heart because it was the very first indie I ever tried. Also my very first holo polish. Oh – how far into the rabbit hole I have fallen. And speaking of rabbit holes – these two polishes are inspired by ‘Heavenly Quotes.’ And are being added to A England’s Heavenly Quotes Collection which is described by A England as “A new concept that is on the cusp of becoming a running thread in A-England’s tapestry, ‘Heavenly Quotes’ will draw its inspiration from well-known words through the ages.”

From A England’s FB page:
A england PR

A Shelley poem and an Emily Bronte quote? The English major geek in me is in love! Needless to say when NPC approached us and asked us to swatch I jumped at the chance – Thanks, Mel 🙂

Let’s start with Sparks Divine, from Emily Bronte’s poem A Daydream. This polish from the press release looked like it would be a holo gold polish. I was surprised when I opened the box to see a toffee brown colour. I showed this colour to my husband and he said it reminded him of caramel, which I thought was the perfect description of this polish – like caramel for your nails! A England is a great quality product. The photos below show two coats of polish plus top coat. It was very easy to apply and despite not being what I expected from this polish it is quite pretty and I ended up liking it quite a bit!

Bottle shot
a england sparks divine bottle shot

A macro that shows off the caramel-y goodness and golden shimmer
a england sparks divine macro

Full sun shots
a england sparks divine2 
a england sparks divine1

Next up is definitely the stand out of these two, Whispering Waves, which is a quote from Percy Shelley’s poem The Recollection. And after re-reading this one it definitely came back to me – I studied this one in one of my English lit classes. So polish and literature worlds combine for this post!

Whispering Waves is a vibrant turquoise polish with a lovely holo and a strong pink flash throughout. I adore this polish and the formula was to die for – photos below show ONE COAT of polish plus a top coat. Can I just gush about how much I love one coat polishes for a second? Time savers! With a fast dry top coat you can get your nails did in 10 minutes. I love em. Okay – let’s get to the photos of this stunning polish.

Bottle shot
whispering waves bottle shot

You can really see the holo and the pink in the macro
whispering waves macro

Full mani shots in full sunlight
whispering waves a england 1

whispering waves a england2

These two gorgeous polishes are available now on Nail Polish Canada’s website. It is always free shipping in Canada on orders over $25 and their customer service is top notch.

a england whispering waves a sparks divine

~ Terra

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