Hello again!  E here with Friday Favourties.  Last time I brought you KO’s Flatte Pool, this time I am bringing you my favourite brand – Butter London.  Yummy Mummy by BL opened my eyes to neutrals and now I can’t get enough of them or BL.  Before YM I never considered doing a neutral nail.  It was always blue or purple and always in your face.  As for BL, I started out randomly buying several Butter London, I can’t lie, for the packaging.

I was totally drawn to the unique shaped bottle and the European factor.  I thought it would be easier to hold and frankly, look better on my glass shelves in my bathroom!

Enter my most recent BL purchase of Trustafarian, a semi neutral green shimmer/holo from the 2012 fall collection.   One coat was beautiful; it was light, airy and barely green.  2 coats was even better, the green intensified and really popped against my pale skin.  My husband of all people told me I should go for a third to really get a solid colour.  I think he was right, it did need the 3rd thin coat just to finish the job.  I love the colour and of course Butter London. It is my favourite brand for every day of the week.

Here is Butter London – Trustafarian full hand indoor.


Trustafarian full hand outdoors.



Trustafarian nail/bottle comparison outdoor.


Trustafarian nail/bottle comparison indoor.

~ Melissa

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