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I’m so excited to be able to share with you the Holiday Collaboration set by Top Shelf Lacquer and Midwest Lacquer. This 4 full size polish set will be available at midnight on Black Friday (November 27) for $40 USD – which includes shipping even to us Canadian ladies! Score!

First up let’s look at the Top Shelf Lacquer polishes.

Jingle Jangle Punch is described by Amy as a Christmas red, linear holographic jelly. You can see in the macro that this one has a lot of gold in it.

 Jingle Jangle Punch Bottle Shot

It applied beautifully. Photos below show two coats of polish plus a top coat.

Jingle Jangle Punch Macro

Jingle Jangle Punch 1

Next up is my favourite of the four (shocker!) Sugar Plum Spritzer. This one is described as a blurple crelly with multi colored chrome flakies.

sugar plum spritzer bottle shot

This one required two coats plus fixing up some patches before I got full opacity. The first shots show a shiny top coat. Two and a half coats plus top coat. Next time I use it I may put a purple undie to get full opacity in fewer coats.

 sugar plum spritzer macro 

sugar plum spritzer

The sun really glittered off the flakies in this one – it’s just gorgeous!

sugar plum spritzer 2

I also love the look of flakie polishes with a matte top coat – just look at that glittery depth in this polish!

sugar plum spritzer matte macro

sugar plum spritzer matte

Now the Midwest Lacquer polishes –

First up is Frostbite, which is described by Lizzie as a light silvery blue linear holo packed with sterling silver micro flakes.

 frostbite bottle shot

This one was also a dream to apply. The photos show two coats of polish plus top coat.

frostbite macro


Last up from Midwest is a very fun chunky glitter polish with large snowflakes in it. Described by Lizzie as a blizzard in a bottle!

first snow bottle shot

Like most chunky glitters I couldn’t get any of the snowflakes to stay on my nails during normal application. I used tweezers to place the snowflakes on my nails for the manis below. A bit of a pain, but worth it for the amount of times in a year I’d wear a blizzard themed polish! I paired this one over Frostbite for the photos below.

first snow macro

first snow

Lastly, I decided to do some winter themed nail art for this post. I used Arctic Kiss, which is Melissa’s polish from a picture from Top Shelf. I did a gradient with that and Frostbite and then a topper of First Snow. I’m pretty happy with the final result – really a snow storm on my nails!

winter nail art

This Holiday Collaboration box is fantastic! And the price of $40 with free shipping to the US and Canada – and discounted shipping for International ladies it really is a steal of a deal. You don’t find many full sized indie polishes under $10 a bottle. And rarely do us Canadian nail addicts get free shipping from anywhere!

Here are the codes for free/discounted shipping and remember these four polishes are available as a Holiday Collaboration starting at midnight on Black Friday. Happy shopping!

HolidaysUS = $6.10 off the cost / Free US Shipping 

HolidaysCanada = $7.50 off the cost / Free Canada Shipping

HolidaysInternational = $8 off International Shipping

~ Terra

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