**Press Sample – Polish provided by maker in exchange for an honest review and photography**

Today I have another new-to-me brand, Baroness X.  I can already promise that this brand will become a frequent flyer on My Lacquer Cabinet.  Immediately after swatching these polish, I ran on over to the store and picked up a few dozen more.

The Ex Libris collection is a collection of four jelly polish filled with flakes and shimmer and colour shifting pigment.  When I first read the descriptions of the polish, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought.  They sounded…busy.  When the polish arrived though?  They just work.  They’re stunning and unique and easy to apply.  Oh my!


Dulcinea 3

Dulcina is described as a ‘violet jelly with red to green shifting pigment with large iridescent flakes’. I couldn’t quite get the pigment to shift much to green but the contrast of the red in the purple along with those big flakes make this polish complex and interesting.

Dulcinea 2

I do have a long free edge on my nails, so after the first coat, I went a little more thicker than I would for a holo or straight creme on my second and third coat and got opacity without any issues.

Dulcinea 1


Quixotica 3

Quixtocia is described as a ‘teal jelly with rainbow flakes, holo micro shards, and gold to blue pigment. I found the base leaned more true green than teal on me. The shards, though?  Those shards hold tiny pieces of my heart.

Quixotica 2

The photos of this refuse to look opaque even though in real life, my nails were completely covered.  I used three coats for the coverage you see here.

Quixotica 1


Alhambra 1

Alhambra is described as a ‘cobalt blue jelly with flakes, holo glitter, and red to green pigment’.  I really need to stop pretending that I don’t love blues.  Look at that majesty!!  How could one NOT love something so bright and bold? It reminded me of the ocean (or what cartoons tell us the ocean should look like). I really do enjoy the contrast of the colours in these polishes.

Alhambra 3

I only needed two medium coats to get the opacity you see here.  I didn’t use a top coat so that shine is all natural.

Alhambra 2


molino 2

Molino is described as a ‘berry red jelly with rainbow flakes and gold to blue shifting pigment’.  I would describe it as the most perfect mash-up of goodness in a bottle ever. This was my hands down favourite of the collection.

molino 1

I needed two medium coats for opacity and my free edge was not visible at all.

molino 3

Baroness X knocked it out of the park for me on this collection.  Everything about the brand is unique – the colour combinations, the cylindrical bottles, the polish button on top so you can see the colour in your helmer – and it all screams of attention to detail.  The maker, Demetria, also threw in a sample of her swatcher’s balm which I used for all these photos.  It’s a cuticle balm that dries matter within seconds so that you don’t get those dreaded ‘dipped in olive oil’ fingers you sometimes see in pictures.  It’s a must have for bloggers who would prefer not to see their reflection in the skin around their cuticles but don’t want the ashen acetone soaked fingers either.

Overall, I am really impressed with this brand and feel my love affair is just starting.

What are your thoughts on these polish? Which is your favourite of the collection?

Baroness X
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~ Melissa

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