Ah! I am so sorry that I missed last week’s post for this series.  I had the photos all ready to go and then I was told I had to go out of town for work and the internet where I was was spotty and I couldn’t load them.  If you’re curious (and as the photo suggests), I live in the Arctic and was travelling to Iqaluit, Nunavut for a conference.  

A quick recap – In July, I asked makers in For the LOVE of Indies Facebook group if they’d like to work with me on a custom polish.  I sent them all the same photo and without any further input from me, they made a polish.  This is Week 8.

For reference, here is the photo.  It is my favourite picture of my husband, Will, on a spring day out on the Hudson’s Bay in Canada’s Arctic.


Fair Maiden Polish is one of the brands that agreed to work with me on this project.  You can imagine my shock when the package arrived with not one but TWO polish based on the photo accompanied by a really heartfelt letter from the makers explaining why there were two.  Without further ado, let’s get to the polish.

I Only See You

I Only See You 2

I Only See You is a red holo with a bright blue flash.  It is very much based off of my husband in the photo and his bright red vest and blue hoodie.

I Only See You 5

I struggled to get the blue flash to show up in the photos but in real life, it is very noticeable and gives the polish a uniqueness that I haven’t seen before.

I Only See You 1

I only needed one coat of I Only See You for full opacity.  It has the Fair Maiden Polish quality that I have come to know and love.

I Only See You 3

I Only See You was named that because Adrienne and Sarah (the makers) felt that while many people saw a photo of snow and ice, for me the important aspect would be my husband.  

Frozen Moment 

Frozen Moment 1

Frozen Moment is a dove grey-white holo with blue and red shimmer.

Frozen Moment 3

When the polish arrived, I was struck by how similar in the bottle it looked like Top Shelf Lacquer’s Arctic Kiss.  Upon closer inspection, they are similar but different.  Arctic Kiss is filled with iridescent flakes while Frozen Moment is blue and red shimmer.  The base of Frozen Moment is slightly more grey-leaning (probably from the addiction (Freudian slip) addition of the holo pigment) and Arctic Kiss is more crelly white.  These polish shipped a couple weeks after the series started, but before Arctic Kiss was revealed. This goes to show how dupes can happen with brands very unintentionally.

Frozen Moment 4

This photo really captures the shimmer of the polish.  It is stunning.

Frozen Moment 2

Again, like I have come to expect from Fair Maiden Polish, the formula of this polish was bang on.  I needed two coats for opacity.

Frozen Moment 5

Frozen Moment was named based on the photo as a whole.  I think it captures the beauty of the picture perfectly!

A custom from Fair Maiden Polish costs $15USD + shipping. These polish were provided by the makers for the series.

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Frozen Moment 6 I Only See You 6

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~ Melissa

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