Fair Maiden released a late summer/early fall collection that I convinced myself I didn’t need.  Who am I kidding, right?  I actually managed to stay away from their release but when Color4Nails announced they would have Tauplexed (which I’d already missed twice), I couldn’t allow that one to travel alone so I grabbed a few of the Swords and Lace : A Renaissance Fantasy Collection.  Since I love anything gold, The Archeress was a no brainer.

The Archeress 2

The Archeress 3

The Archeress is marketed as a “metallic gold holo”, which of course is what drew my attention.  Gold is my kryptonite in polish.  However, when it arrived and I put it on, my skin tone is bringing the green undertone out A LOT and I danced around calling it a chartreuse. In some lights this polish looks more green than gold.  Case in point, here it is with flash photography.

The Archeress 1

The holo is linear and gorgeous but to me you can really see the green here.

The formula is exactly what I have come to expect from a Fair Maiden Polish.  I might have been able to get away with one coat, but I did two since I knew I was going to add the flash photo. The description of the polish says that it dries to a slight texture, but I added a topcoat before I touched it, so I’m unsure about that.



Indirect light

Indirect light

Fair Maiden polish can be bought in several places.  On their own website, at Color4Nails, and Rainbow Connection (UK).

What are your thoughts on this unique polish?

~ Melissa

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