Midwest Lacquer is another new brand to me here at My Lacquer Cabinet.  When I was looking around the store, these two polish caught my eye and I figured I had to have them. Both these polish are named for two of my favourite cartoons as a child – He-Man and She-Ra.

I Have the Power

I Have The Power 5

I Have The Power 4

I Have the power is a deep berry jelly with gold microglitter.  It is the polish inspired by He-Man.  What I found incredibly unique about this polish is that as I added coats, the golden glitter from the coat beneath took on a red glow and only the top coat of gold was evident.  It made it look like it was glowing from the inside out.

I Have The Power 1

I Have The Power 3

Because I have such a long free edge, I needed four thin coats for opacity.  For those (lucky) people with longer nail beds and a smaller edge, I feel that only 2-3 coats would be needed.  This is hands down the best jelly polish I have ever used.  The consistency is perfect – just like syrup.  The finish leaves that squishy look.  I wanted to lick it!

Princess of Power

Princess of Power 1

Princess of Power 3

Princess of Power is the polish inspired by She-ra.  This is one of the most unique polish that I have worn in a while.  It’s a cream-coloured crelly with a healthy dose of red and gold flakes.  In my opinion, Lizzie nailed this inspiration.  The flakes are the perfect representation of She-ra’s cape and costume.  

Princess of Power 2

Princess of Power 5

Again, another polish with a stellar formula.  I needed only two coats for opacity and the flakes just slid right onto the nail.  I had three strangers stop me out and about to ask about this polish. It’s perfect for fall.

I am really impressed with my first polish from Midwest Lacquer.  Most of the new indies this year are really showing a keen sense of detail.  I am a huge fan of when polish are good matches with their inspiration.  You could see that there was a lot of thought put into these polish and the formula sealed the deal.  These might be my first Midwest Lacquer but you can be sure they won’t be my last.

Midwest Lacquer can be bought online here.

What do you think of these polish?  What 80s cartoon would you like to see be turned into a polish collection?


~ Melissa

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