Welcome back, dear readers.  I just want to take a quick second to thank you all for coming back each week to see what polish I’ll be revealing.  For those of you who are new here, welcome.  You can catch up on how this whole experiment started by heading back to Week 1 of the series. Everyone else, thanks for making this idea such a success.  Each week, we’re getting thousands of hits on these posts and it’s been a lot of fun to experience. My husband is surprised by the attention his photo is getting (and maybe enjoying it a little, too).

Without further ado, on to Week 5’s polish which is brought to us by Ellagee. Here is the photo that I sent to all the makers to inspire the polish:


Arctic Spring

Arctic Spring 1

Arctic Spring is a white crelly polish that is filled with blue hexes and squares, tiny red circles, black circles, and holographic hexes, with a smattering of iridescent shimmer.



I really liked how you could see the glitter from each coat under the next so it really added depth to the polish. The shimmer added that sparkle that really represents the snow.

Arctic Spring 2

I used three thin coats of this polish.  Crellies are a finish that I don’t often grab often but this experiment is teaching me about their application and I am much more understanding of their place in the polish world. I have been taken outside of my comfort zone and am liking what I am finding.

Arctic Spring 3 

Laura over at Ellagee was wonderful to work with.  The custom was ready in a short time frame and she communicated with me quickly and efficiently.  The price of the custom was $14.50USD + shipping.

You can find more information about Ellagee by clicking the following links:
StoreFacebook / Instagram / Fan Group

What do YOU think of Arctic Spring? Let me know in the comments.

Arctic Spring 5

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~ Melissa

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