Hella Holo is a Facebook group where the fans have a say in the polish that will be released that month. It  is the group on Facebook that I credit with introducing me to new brands.  Not just introducing me to them, but then I go and BUY them, which is really the mark of a successful group.  While I had heard of Smitten Polish before they were the featured brand for the month of August, I had never tried them.  The polishes that the maker, , created were right up my alley.  I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need them that month and at the last minute, I grabbed all three.  And boy am I glad.

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger 1

Bengal Tiger is a burnt orange super holo.  I know orange gets less love in the polish world, but I love it.  This is exactly the colour I was hoping to see all fall.  With a name like Bengal Tiger, the polish was screaming for some tiger stripes.  Since I can’t stamp for my life, I decided to use the clear Bar Mix and the Black Russian (both from Top Shelf Lacquer and are marbling-specific polish) to water marble on some ‘stripes’.

Begal Tiger 2

I only needed one coat of Bengal Tiger for full opacity.  It went on as smooth as butter and dried almost immediately.  

Cecil the Lion

Cecil the Lion 1

Cecil the Lion is a gold holo microglitter.  It was named after the Kenyan lion that was killed by an American hunter this past summer.  The colour is the perfect match to the colour of Cecil’s fur.  Gold polish is my kryptonite, so I knew I had to have this.



There was no sun on the day I applied the polish, so I used my flash to show a little of the bling.  It is really a stunning polish.  It’s the one I plan to reach for during the upcoming holiday season.

Cecil the Lion 2

I used two coats to get the opacity that you see here.  It applied without any issues and one coat of topcoat made it smooth.  No gritty texture here.

Kenyan Sunset

Kenyan Sunset 3

Kenyan Sunset is a blue based red with a very strong linear holo.  I’ve seen some swatches where this polish looked slightly more fuchsia but on my skin, it was clearly a red.

Kenyan Sunset 2


Again, no sun (will I ever see the sun again?) so I had to rely on my flash to show off just how linear this holo was.

Kenyan Sunset 1

Like Bengal Tiger, I only needed one coat of Kenyan Sunset for coverage.  With reds this pigmented, I am always so super cautious about staining but I was worried for naught.  No staining of the nail OR cuticles upon removal.

There’s no doubt that Smitten Polish is now a polish that I will be on the lookout for.  I am so impressed with the formula, application, colour, dry time, and even removal of these three polish.  Hella Holo Customs is to thank for turning me on to yet another brand.  If you would like entry to this group (there’s no pressure to buy, ever.  But I dare you to say no to the beauties in there.) just leave a comment on this post and I can help you get in as the group is a secret.

Smitten Polish
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~ Melissa

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