Facebook Fan Groups have become one of my favourite ways to get in on polish that is not widely available to everyone.  Top Shelf Lacquer’s fan group recently went through the process of choosing a group custom.  Black Cherry Cordial is the result.

Top Shelf Lacquer fans commented and voted and a deep, blackened burgundy was the colour that was the heavy favourite for the custom.  Next, a vote on the finish happened and, again, holo won by a landslide.  So then Amy was tasked with creating a polish that would fit this bill.  Once she came back to the group with a prototype and photos, a contest was held.  Fans in the group suggested names and the one chosen by Amy to be the name of the custom would receive a free bottle.  It was so much fun!

Black Cherry Cordial 2

Black Cherry Cordial is exactly as described above.  A deep, blackened burgundy with a strong linear holo effect. It’s perfect for fall and I am so glad the fans decided this way.  I was rooting for a burnt orange, but this is stunning.

Black Cherry Cordial 3


I only needed one coat to get the opacity that you see here.  When polishes are that pigmented, I always worry about staining of the nail and cuticles upon removing.  No need for that here.  There wasn’t a hint of staining.

Black Cherry Cordial 1

Black Cherry Cordial will be available again tomorrow night (September 25th) at 8pm EST with the release of the Margarita Time collection.  You can request access to the Top Shelf Lacquer Fan Group.  I just might know the admin to get you in (*ahem* *cough* me *cough*).  There is a code that is available in the group to take the polish from the price you see in the store to the price you will actually pay.

Top Shelf Lacquer is available here.  


~ Melissa

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