Today is the first time I am reviewing Nvr Enuff Polish here on My Lacquer Cabinet.  When b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn closed her shop in July, I felt like I needed to spread my wings a little and find a ‘new favourite’ brand.  Thus began a crazy few weeks of buying tons of polish from brands I had always wanted to try.  I was pointed in the direction of Nvr Enuff Polish by my friend Rebecca (IG – @msbeckybean) and I decided to give them a try.  

Before I get to the polish, I wanted to note that the Nvr Enuff restocks are akin to old school Enchanted Polish restocks with regards to fan hype and quickness of selling out.  I sat behind my computer STUNNED at how quickly things went for a brand that I’d heard of but didn’t really know, you know?  With a restock like that, one would expect that their name would be HUGE in the polish world.  Turns out, they’re a growing brand but it’s the product that makes the fans they already have so insane to get more.

Unicorn Bait

Unicorn Bait 2

Unicorn Bait is the colour that made me sit up and take notice.  It’s a deep pink (almost raspberry) creme holo.  This was the ONE polish I wanted and it sold out in seconds.  There was such a cry from the fans that mid-restock, the makers of Nvr Enuff turned it into a pre-order so that people weren’t left feeling so upset at having missed it.  How’s that for customer service?  These types of pinks are my favourite types of pink so I was in love from the first swipe of the brush.

Unicorn Bait 1

The formula was perfection. This is a one coat wonder.  Actually, Nvr Enuff features a wide brush (think Nina Pro-type of wide) and I not only covered in one coat, I covered each nail in one SWIPE.  I had to be careful with my pinky as my nail beds are so small, but it’s hard to complain when you can make five swipes and be done one hand.  The holo is there (just look at the bottle) but it’s more subtle on the nail.  Just how I like it!


Equinox 1

Equinox is the polish I put in my cart when I thought Unicorn Bait was going to be a lost cause.  I’m not overly drawn to greens, but I have been looking for a forest green that I love so I figured I’d try this one.  And wowzers!!! Once I put it on, I couldn’t stop staring at it.  It’s a blackened forest green (others say teal, but I think it’s too green for that) creme with a gorgeous holo flair.

With flash

With flash

The holo of this polish is less subtle and I used my flash to show it off.

Equinox 2

Like Unicorn Bait, this polish not only required one coat, it was a one swipe polish.  That wide brush is really something.  I could see it being a deterrent to people with small nail beds who like to keep their nails short because it just held so much polish on the brush.  With the exception of my pinky nail, where I had to be ultra careful not to end up with it all over my skin, it was the perfect size.

I loved both of these polish and ended up back at the latest restock filling my cart with six more Nvr Enuff polish.  It’s worth noting that Nvr Enuff does NOT ship to Canada (womp, womp) and I have to rely on my mule to get them to me.  Inconvenient for sure, but as a polish lover I do it for the love of polish.  A less insane devoted polish fan may not be willing to add to the wait time or extra shipping cost.

Nvr Enuff Polish can be bought here.

Have you tried Nvr Enuff polish?  Do you prefer the pink or the green?

~ Melissa

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