In July, I went on vacation to a cottage we rented in the mountains of Washington.  While there, an idea for a blogging series popped into my head.  I posted in the Facebook group For the LOVE of Indies, and got an amazing response.  Today is the first post in the series that resulted from that idea.

Let me explain a little.  Using photos for inspiration is something that is widely done in the indie polish world.  Whenever brands ask about colours, people post pictures as a response to inspire a polish.  It got me wondering what would happen if a bunch of makers were given the SAME photo.  How many different polish would result?  Would people make similar polishes or go completely outside the box?  In the group, I asked if brands who make customs would be willing participants.  If I sent them a photo (the same photo I’d send to all brands on board), they’d make me a polish and that would be the end of my participation.  The colour, the finish, and the name would be completely up to their creative discretion.  As of right now, I have seven polish in hand for this series, with the possibility of a couple more to go.  This is week one.

First, the photo.  It’s my absolute favourite photo of my husband, Will, ever.  We live in the Arctic region of Canada (above the Arctic Circle) and this was taken one May while he was out driving his snowmobile on the frozen arctic ocean.  


Week One
Creative Cuticles – My Winter One and Only Land

My Winter One and Only Land is a glitter topper that is filled with white, silver, blue, and red microglitter and small black square glitter.

My Winter One and Only Land 3

I wore it over a white creme base so that the polish really had the chance to sing.  It does make it harder to see the tiny white glitter in there, too, though.

My Winter One and Only Land 5

The polish did dry with a texture (like almost every microglitter out there) and I used a generous coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out.


My Winter One and Only Land 1


Application was good.  I hate when I have to fish for the glitter in a polish and there was none of that here.  I used two coats for the coverage you see.

My Winter One and Only Land 2

The above picture is three coats of My Winter One and Only Land on it’s own.  Because my nails are so long, I couldn’t get it to be opaque on it’s own.  I am excited to try this polish over a nice blue creme soon.

WillMy Winter One and Only Land 4

Creative Cuticles  can be found here and the cost of a custom polish is $12USD.  I found it very easy to work with Kayla and I am happy with the results of this polish.  It’s so interesting to see how she interpreted the photo to create this.  I would not hesitate to recommend working with Creative Cuticles for a custom polish.

And there you have it!  Week one of this blogging series.  What do you all think? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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~ Melissa

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