Polish collaboration boxes have become a huge trend in the indie nail polish community.  When I saw this summer that someone was putting together a box filled with polish from Canadian brands, I was super excited.  Now, the time is almost here when you can order one for yourself.


Box organizer, Sarah King, has explained that currently there are enough makers interested that they have the first three months organized and the possibility for more.  It should be noted, though, that this won’t be a monthly subscription.  Each box will be a stand alone box that people can buy if they want or pass if they want.

The box will cost $40 + shipping and each box will have a value of $55-$60.  Each box will contain three full-size polishes and four full-size non-polish items. The brands included in each box will be announced, but the products themselves will remain a mystery until they arrive. Items will either be from new collections or exclusive to the box.

Quantities are limited and will be exclusive to Canadian customers.  If the box is not sold out by the end of the pre-order, it will be opened to American customers.

Here is the scheduled timeline for the first three boxes (they are breaking for Christmas)

Canuck Box #1
Pre-sale – September 8th to 18th
Boxes ship out – October 13th

Canuck Box #2
Pre-sale – October 20th to 30th
Boxes ship out – November 24th

Canuck Box #3
Pre-sale – January 19th to 29th
Boxes ship out – February 23rd

The current line up for the next three boxes is as follows:

Canuck Box #1: Steel City Reflections, MTL Creations, Blacklace Cosmetics, Cuter Cuticles, Nail Experiments, My Nails Did Vinyls, and Midnight Hour Beauty.

Canuck Box #2: Soak It!, Beyond the Nail, Steel City Reflections, Midnight Hour Beauty, Mrs. P’s Nail Potions, MTL Creations, and My Indie Polish.

Canuck Box #3: Echoes Polish, Nail Experiments, Fiendish Fancies, MTL Creations, Cuter Cuticles, Beyond the Nail, and Steel City Reflections.

Pretty awesome, right?  Canadian brands, decent price, mystery products.  What’s not to love?

The Canuck Box can be purchased at Midnight Hour Beauty. You can check out the organizer’s Instagram (@wemblore) for a chance to win the box.

Will you be getting one?

~ Melissa

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