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Top Shelf Lacquer Halloween Collection Collage

Hi everyone! Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine, if you want to keep with the theme) and settle in because this post is going to be picture heavy and you’re going to want to see it all.

Top Shelf Lacquer is releasing her Halloween Collection on September 11, 2015 (along with a Facebook Fan Group custom; you can join here for access to it) and I think they’re going to cause some excitement.

First of all, I want to take a few seconds to discuss the packaging.  Top Shelf Lacquers arrive bubble wrapped in a silver, blue, or purple satin bag.  I’ve had polish come in an organza bag before, but the satin really is a step up.  There are candies and a thank you card (with a handwritten note) and a business card with a wine glass charm attached (more on this later).  I was sent her minis, called Polish Shots (LOVE it) and they have a full size brush.  No issues with trying to apply using a microbrush, so that’s an added plus to the lower price point for those.

Top Shelf Lacquer Halloween Collection

While I am a customer who doesn’t feel this is necessary, I definitely can appreciate how it would be a draw for some people.  In an overly saturated indie polish market, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. The attention to detail that Amy displays with every single purchase really is something that I think will keep customers continuing to return.

Now, on to the polish.  This collection is comprised of four polish – three full coverage microglitters and a multichrome flake-filled polish. 

Candy Corn Cordial  

Candy Corn Cordial 4

Candy Corn Cordial is a holo orange and gold microglitter in an orange jelly base.

Candy Corn Cordial 1

It’s the perfect orange glitter. It’s not a burnt orange and not a neon.  It’s the exact colour you want to reach for on Halloween.  

Candy Corn Cordial 3

Coverage is good.  I used three thin coats to cover my free edge, but feel like someone with longer nail beds could get away with two coats without any issues.  The polish does dry with a slight texture (like most microglitter polishes I’ve ever tried) but smoothed out nicely with one coat of top coat.



With flash, because the sun has decided to travel south for the winter this year.  The holo glitters really do add to make the polish a little more blingy.

Dracula’s Kiss

 Dracula's Kiss 3

Dracula’s Kiss is a violet purple holo microglitter in a violet jelly base. The glitter has a golden lean to it that really is spectacular.

Dracula's Kiss 1


You know, I keep saying over and over that I don’t love purple nail polish but I think the jig is up.  Every time I put one on my nails (which is often if you look at my Instgram), I love it.  When I put on Dracula’s Kiss and it built up on the second coat, I gasped out loud.  It’s a really stunning polish.

Dracula's Kiss 5

Again, I used three coats for full coverage and a thick coat of top coat to smooth over the microglitter.

Slime Rickey

Slime Rickey 4


Slime Rickey is an emerald green and gold holo microglitter in a green jelly base.

Slime Rickey 2

Slime Rickey is the perfect name for this nail polish.  It’s exactly would I think about when someone says slime.

Slime Rickey 3


Like her sisters, I needed three coats for coverage but think most people would get away with two.  I used a thick coat of top coat to smooth it out and give it the shine I like.



Another flash shot to show off the holo micro glitters.  I hope for the sun to eventually come out so I can play with these glitters outside where they’d really shine.

Black Widow

Black Widow 1

Black Widow is a black crelly polish filled with multichrome flakes.  I’m just going to give you a second to read that again and let it sink in.

Black Widow 2

I really struggled to get swatches that did this nail polish justice.  While the pictures are an accurate reflection of what I see, it really is a polish that you just have to wear to truly grasp its beauty.  In my collection of over 800 bottles, I have nothing even close to it and I cannot remember the last time I was so excited over a polish.  I honestly feel like this is the polish that has the potential to make Top Shelf Lacquer an indie brand name that everyone knows.

Black Widow 4

The depth of the polish is just stunning.  And when you move your hand, the flakes shift colour.  I couldn’t stop looking at my hands.

Black Widow 5

I used three thin coats to get the coverage you see here.  I recommend thinner coats so the flakes really have the chance to shine.  It dried nice and shiny but I added top coat anyways.

Black Widow 3

Black Widow is easily my top choice from this collection and if you only have the budget for one halloween polish this year, THIS is the one to get.

Earlier, I mentioned I would talk more about the wine glass charms.  Like I said, Amy really pays attention to detail, and has created an LE charm that will come with a purchase of any polish from this collection (while supplies last). 

Top Shelf Lacquer LE Charm

And there you have it! It’s no secret that Top Shelf Lacquer has shot up to the top of my most loved indies and this collection secures that.  I am really excited to see all the things Amy has in store for us fans.

This collection will be priced at $9.50 (full) / $6.25 (Polish Shot) for the glitters; $11.50 (full) / $7.50 (Polish Shot) for the flake. The entire collection will be priced at $36 (full set)/$23 (Polish Shots). The FB group custom (also being released that day) named Black Cherry Cordial will be $11.50 (full)/ $7.50 (Polish Shot).  I suggest grabbing them while you can. 

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~ Melissa

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