*Press Sample – Polish sent by maker in exchange for an honest review and photography*

There are a ton of new indies around and we have been having a ball trying them all.  Today we have another new brand, Nail Hoot, and The Beginning collection. Each polish in the collection is named for a book in the Old Testament of the Bible.

nail hoot collage

Numbers is a bright pink slightly metallic polish with a very fine blue shimmer.

 Numbers 2

The polish is sheer and I needed three coats to cover my visible nail edge.  

Indirect light

Indirect light

Since the polish has a touch of a metallic feel it has the ability to leave brush strokes.  I try to avoid this by applying in a crescent pattern and it helps to cut down on the lines.

Numbers 3

Leviticus is slightly burnt orange with brink pink and golden microglitter.

Leviticus 2

I used two coats for full coverage.  It dried a touch on the gritty side because of the consistency of the polish combined with the glitter.

Indirect light

Indirect light

I used a thick coat of Seche Vite topcoat to smooth things out.  I really love the way the polish shifts to pink.

Leviticus 1

Genesis is a green tinted jelly with purple microshimmer and holo glitter.

Genesis 2

The purple shift of this polish is really evident. It is the thinnest of the polish in the collection.

Genesis 1

I used four coats of this polish.  In person, there was no visible nail line whatsoever.  The camera, however, didn’t want to play fair and you can see some VNL.  I would recommend using this polish over an undie if four coats isn’t your bag.

Genesis 3


Deuteronomy is a purple to blue slightly metallic duochrome with teal, purple, and silver microglitter.

Deuteronomy 2

This polish is the most opaque of the collection and I got full coverage with two coats.

Deuteronomy 1

It dried to a slightly textured finish and I used a generous coat of Seche Vite to get the shininess that I like.  The top coat really helped to bring out the shift.

Deuteronomy 3

And last, but not least, is Exodus.  Exodus is my hands down favourite of the collection, which is shocking for me.  It’s a metallic apple green with golden shimmer.

Exodus 1

This is another polish that is really sheer and I used four coats to get the opacity that you see here.  I had done two coats over a white polish to show the comparison, but my phone ate that photo and I didn’t have the time to redo it.  It can be worn over white for a similar look.

Exodus 2

To me, this polish looks like it’s glowing from the inside out.  I am not normally a green lover, but this? This I LOVE.

Indirect light

Indirect light

As another metallic polish, I used that crescent swipe to cut down on brush strokes and find that it almost eliminates them completely.

Exodus 3

Overall impressions – this is a really solid debut collection. The polish are unique in colour and you can tell that Brandi really put a lot of thought into the theme of the collection.  You will need to apply a hefty coat of top coat if you don’t love the slight texture of a few of the polish and the other ones do need some finesse as to not have brushstrokes, but ultimately, the polish are worth it.  Even better is the price point. Us Canadians are really being hit with our low dollar and these polish are selling at $9.50CAD for the full size and $6.72CAD for the minis.  The full collection is sold at a discount so there’s extra savings there.  All in all, this is a brand that I will be keeping my eye on for her future releases.  I am excited to see where Nail Hoot will go next.  Which was your favourite? Have you tried any Nail Hoot?

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~ Melissa

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