And now for something completely different… NSeven here with Knocked Out Cosmetics KO Flatte in Pool.  KO is a line of products created by stage and film guru Mike Potter (  This brand is not as well known as some, but it packs a punch of high fashion with its saturated colours and amazingly flat finish.

I received this polish as part of my monthly Wantable Box ( and was intrigued by the original bottle design and delighted by what I found inside. The formula is thick and creamy and has a large application brush.  It took a few swipes to get used to how to handle the volume of product but in the end made it easier to get cleaner lines and an easy two-coat application.

The flat finish was chic and obviously flat so additional mattifying topcoat was not required.  It had depth and an industrial quality to it, however I topped it with OPI topcoat as it was what I had on hand for finishing.  This did make it shiny but actually added to the lux effect Potter may not have been going for, but worked for me!  KO polishes are now on my list of must buys for something edgy and different than the rest.


~ Melissa

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