Mid to late August is when people start looking for less bright colours and start gravitating towards darker colours.  Top Shelf Lacquer released The Wine Collection in later summer that are perfect for Fall.  I have Red Zinfandel and Blue Raspberry Merlot from this collection to share.

Red Zinfandel is a red-leaning burgundy with gorgeous golden shimmer.

Red Zinfandel 5

The colour is unique and it has a slight raspberry feel to it.  The formula (like the other Top Shelf polishes I’ve used) is really great. I needed only two coats for opacity.

Red Zinfandel 2

Generally, this types of colour isn’t one I tend to go for since I find them a bit meh, but Red Zinfandel really changed my mind and I can see it being a go-to Fall colour for a lot of people.

Red Zinfandel 4

The golden shimmer is just stunning.  Red Zinfandel is in my top three posts with the most activity on my Instagram.

Blue Raspberry Merlot is a blackened deep teal bordering on navy. Upon first seeing it in the bottle, I thought it was going to be a dupe for Lollipop Posse Lacquer’s Backwards and Inside Out.  Looking at both swatches, I can see that they’re in the same colour family but no where near being dupes.

Blue Raspberry Merlot 2

It has a slight aqua shimmer that really gives it that ‘lit from within’ quality that is so hard to describe.  You just know it when you see it.  I gasped when I applied this polish.

Blue Raspberry Merlot 4

The formula was good – not too thick, not too thin.  I needed two coats to get the opacity I like.  I was so worried about this one staining my cuticles because of the colour saturation but I didn’t have any issues with that. 

Overall, the Wine Collection is a really great way to ease into fall.  Top Shelf Lacquer is now carrying 8ml bottles (with full size brushes!!) that she’s calling Polish Shots.  I love the way Amy has really committed to the Top Shelf Lacquer theme.  The Polish Shots would be a great way to try out a bunch of colours from this new up-and-coming brand.  I know that when b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn closed her shop, I was worried that I’d never find a brand that I loved as much.  I think it’s safe to say that Top Shelf Lacquer is wiggling its way in to fill that void.

Red Zinfandel and Blue Raspberry Merlot can be bought at www.topshelflacquer.com.

~ Melissa

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