This duo was a limited edition from Ever After polish – also called Nicky’s Duo. The purple is called Purple Peacock Plummage and the green is Shake Your Teal Feathers.

Unfortunately for me Ever After Polish just does not mesh with me. Must be a total chemistry thing but all three polishes I own of Ever After – Flesh Popsicle and these two just flake away on me, and in all three polishes they were peeling off my nails in one piece. Makes me so sad that these polishes don’t work out for me. None of the polishes even lasted 24 hours before they were flaking and peeling away. It’s so depressing because they are so pretty!

Photos below show two coats of polish plus top coat, nice thin coats, I did have some pooling at my cuticle area for these as well.

Purple Peacock Plummage

purple peacock plummage macro (2)

purple peacock plummage (2)   

Shake Your Teal Feather

shake your teal feathers (2)

shake your teal feathers1 (2)

~ Terra

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