I love that piCture pOlish does collaboration polishes with assorted nail polish bloggers. It puts a little smile on my face to see them and just love the unique shades that these guests come up with. Which brings me to their collaboration with Liquid Jelly aptly called “Paradise”. Inspired by a bird of paradise, this polish is a hard one to define! It’s definitely a blue teal colour but it has colour shifting element as well. Inside, at the right angle, you can get this amazing saphhire blue colour.

But wait, that’s not all. The base is pretty enough but this polish also has a fine purple shimmer in it that catches the light. But just in case that wasn’t enough for you, it also has pink iridescent glitter in it. Reading that list, it might sound super busy but it’s really not. They all come together to give you this beautiful colour with flashes of sparkling purple and pink that really does make you think of a bird of paradise.

Application was fine. I found that I needed three coats to reach full opacity and it’s a bit thick but not in a way that’s really hard to work with. It took a bit longer to try but doing thinner coats helped with that problem.

All in all, a gorgeous polish that’s like nothing else I have in my collection.


~ Melissa

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