Lately we’ve been featuring tons of Top Shelf Lacquer polishes here at My Lacquer Cabinet.  I can’t see that slowing down any time soon since I am in love with the colours and formula.  Mid-summer, Amy released a collection of holos called the Holo’d Sangrias and they’re as gorgeous as they sound.

**Picture heavy post**

Strawberry Sangria is a red holo.  Red holos aren’t anything new but what made this polish really stand out for me is the fact that it’s jelly-ish and was completely opaque IN ONE COAT.  A jelly holo that only needs one coat?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!
strawberry sangria 2

strawberry sangria 6

Strawberry Sangria 5 

The polish applied smooth, with no issues.  I often have trouble with the jelly-ish polishes wanting to flood my cuticles and that wasn’t an issue.

Strawberry Sangria 4

Strawberry Sangria 1

Seafoam Sangria is a medium green holo.  Like Strawberry Sangria, it has a slightly jelly feel.  This polish needed two coats for opacity. The listing for this polish says it’s a ‘vibrant teal’ but it was much more green on my skin tone than teal.  Polished Jess reviewed the collection and this polish looked much more teal on her than me, so it might be a case of lighting+skin tone affecting colour.

seafoam sangria 6

seafoam sangria 5

seafoam sangria 4 

You know I love a polish when I take a zillion pictures and can’t narrow it down to less than six! What stood for me with this polish is the holo sparkle.  It kind of danced in the light.  I had no trouble with application.

seafoam sangria 3

seafoam sangria 2

Seafoam Sangria 1

If you want to check out the FB fan page, there’s voting happening on a custom for fans.  Those are a ton of fun.

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~ Melissa

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