Last week we showed you how lighting, skin tone, and other things can affect how a polish looks in swatches.  We also mentioned we were going to show some comparisons.  Here they are.

June 2015 arrived around the same time I received my Fair Maiden LE Dance Up On Me.  When I looked at them, I thought it’d be a good comparison.

EP comparison 1

In the bottle (in the sun) they look very close.

June 2015 comp

I am wearing June 2015 on my index and ring finger; Fair Maiden Polish Dance Up On Me is on my pinky and middle finger.  In the sun, they are still pretty much exact dupes.  The EP is slightly more opaque and creamy but not much.

June 2015 comp 2

Under an LED light, they still look the same.  I think it’s fair to say that these two polish could be considered dupes.

July 2015 actually reminded me of two polish – Enchanted Ballerina Slippers and Colors by Llarowe Zipper.  I own Ballerina Slippers but she’s sitting at my mule’s house but I did compare it to Zipper.

ep comparison 4

The lighting really played a part in calling these polish dupes or not.  In the bottles and in the sun, they looked pretty close. July 2015 looked more holo but the base looked similar.

ep comparison 3

However, out of the sun, you can see that Zipper is more blue.

July 2015 comp

In the above picture, I am wearing July 2015 on my index and ring fingers; Zipper is one my pinky and middle fingers. Out of the bottle, these polish weren’t even close to being dupes.  The above picture is in direct sunlight. 

July 2015 comp 2

July 2015 is more grey and way more holo than Zipper.  The formula of Zipper is thick and difficult to work with while the EP is perfection in a bottle..  They’re not even close to close to looking alike when on the nail. This above picture is using my LED lighting. The LED light more accurately reflects what these polish look like on the nail.  In the sun, they look more green. Funny how different they look compared to the sunlight shot.  Again, knowing what light in which you’re seeing swatches matters.

August 2015 also looked really close to the Enchanted Polish Mishka LE Keep Watch so here are a few comparison shots. Keep Watch is on my index and ring fingers. In the outdoor lighting Keep Watch is definitely way more holo but indoors in artificial light these polishes were barely discernable.

Keep Watch August (2)

Holding Keep Watch Bottle

nail keep watch august (2) 

Holding August 2015

keep watch august 2 (2)

Indoor artificial lighting

keep watch august indoors (2)

Basically, of the three Enchanted Polishes only June 2015 and Fair Maiden Polish Dance Up On Me are true dupes.  I can’t wait to get my Ballerina Sprinkles to see how it compares to July 2015.

Can you think of any possible dupes for these polish?

~ Melissa

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