There’s been an influx of new indies lately and both Terra and I are always excited to try new brands to review here at My Lacquer Cabinet.  Ever After Polish was one of the brands we’d heard so much about that we had to check them out for ourselves.

Between us both, we snagged the entire I’ve Got the Magic in Me collection (inspired by the Magic Mike movies) and their tongue in cheek names and crazy uniqueness really captured our hearts. So let’s get to them…..

Tarzan’s Vine is a medium green holo filled with green flakes. I’m sure there was some gold flecks in there, also.  My camera just didn’t want to pick up the flakes no matter what I did, even the macro.  I used 2 coats for coverage and the formula was easy to work with and smooth.

Tarzan's Vine 4

Tarzan's Vine 1

Tarzan's Vine 2

Rhinestone Cowboy is a pinky-purple holo with blue shimmer.  I couldn’t get the blue shimmer to really translate to my nail.  The formula was a touch thick and I used a slighter heavier coat than normal so I could get the smooth look.

Rhinestone Cowboy 1

Rhinestone Cowboy 2

Rhinestone Cowboy 4

Policeman’s Helmet is in the running for the most unique polish of 2015, in my opinion.  It’s a blue jelly just loaded down with silver flecks.  The jelly makes it so that the flakes really are the centre of attention. Even with all that happening in the bottle, I found the formula easy to work with.  2 coats for opacity.

Policeman's Helmet 2

Policeman's Helmet 1

Policeman's Helmet 3

Flesh Popsicle is a nude holo that is filled with golden and copper shimmer and flecks.  This polish is gorgeous and another really unique colour.  Totally appropriate for work while still being completely bad ass.  Flesh Popsicle? Best name ever.

Ever After Flesh Popsicle

flesh popsicle shade

Pole Dancing was the polish I expected to like the least and ended up really loving it.  It’s an ice blue with a teal shimmer flash.  With some angles, you could see a pink flash in there as well, though my camera didn’t see it very well.  I used three thin coats for coverage.

Pole Dancing 4

Pole Dancing 1

Pole Dancing 3

Pole Dancing 2

Firefighter’s Hose is a a red jelly with gold flakes, purple flakes, and what looks like gold shimmer.  Like Policeman’s Helmet, this one is a very unique colour.  The red leaned a touch towards orange on my skin tone, but it’s so different from anything I own that I instantly fell in love.  I could have used one coat, but I did two for fear the jelly would should VNL in the pictures.

Firefighter's Hose 3

Firefighter's Hose 2

Firefighter's Hose 1

Firefighter's Hose 4

It probably won’t shock people to know that Banana Hammock is my favourite of the bunch.  It’s a gold polish filled with holo mixed shape/size glitter.  There aren’t words enough to express my love of this.  Two coats and I did do a little dabbing on the second to get more of the larger pieces on my nail.  

Banana Hammock 2

Banana Hammock 1

Banana Hammock 3

Overall impression of this brand is that for a new indie, they’ve got lots of cool things happening.  It isn’t always easy to come up with unique polish so they get major kudos for that.  One nit-picky thing that I will point out is that the names of the polish weren’t grammatically correct.  All the ‘s’es at the end of the words should have been possessive, but that’s the teacher in me.  I can live with it.  Ever After Polish can be found on Big Cartel.  They are also one of the featured makers in the FB Hella Holo Group for the month of August.  You can check them out there. 

~ Terra

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