Lollipop Lacquer is a brand that is not only new to us here at My Lacquer Cabinet, but pretty much new overall.  The Midsummer Midnights collection is just the second collection from the brand and with all the good things I was hearing, I had to see for myself.  I grabbed This Fruit Was Bruised, Backwards and Inside Out, and But I Haven’t Met You Yet from the collection.

The polish I was most excited about from this collection was Backwards and Inside Out.  First, it’s named for the Alanis Morissette song ‘All I Really Want’.  As a teen of the 90s – Alanis!  It was a no brainer.  I bought the polish on name alone. And then I tried it on….

Backwards and Inside Out 2

Backwards and Inside Out 4


I have no idea really how to describe this colour.  It’s blue. It’s green. It’s black. It has shimmer! It has holo!  I think in the end, I could live with describing it as a blackened dark teal.  Super yummy!


Backwards and Inside Out 3


The formula was really, REALLY good for a new indie.  These new brands I’ve tried recently have really done their homework and figured out what worked for them because this was two coats.  I probably could have gotten away with one, but for fear of bald spots on the camera, I used two. Without a doubt, this polish is already in the running to be named in our ‘Best of 2015’ posts at the end of the year.

Backwards and Inside Out 6

Backwards and Inside Out 5

Backwards and Inside Out 1
No matter how many pictures I took, they all showed a different facet of this polish. It could be two different polishes.  I posted a quick unedited picture if this to my personal Facebook page and got tons of compliments and questions about where to get it.

But I Haven’t Met You Yet is named for Bjork’s song, ‘I Miss You’.  I was never much of a Bjork fan but I picked this polish up based on the fact that it was pinkish red.

But I Haven't Met You Yet 1

But I Haven't Met You Yet 2

But I Haven’t Met You Yet is a pink-leaning red crelly filled with violet shimmer. You can really see the shimmer in the bottle.  It was a little more subtle on the nail, but still noticeable.

But I Haven't Met You Yet 5

But I Haven't Met You Yet 3

I found the formula a touch tricky and I needed three coats for opacity, though I do admit to have a really long free edge which makes it difficult to cover at times with a sheerer polish.  I suggest allowing each coat to almost dry before adding the next as I was getting a little dragging.  It’s not unmanageable by any stretch of the imagination, I just needed to take some extra care.

But I Haven't Met You Yet Macro

I really do love how nice the purple flecks shimmer under the surface.

As I mentioned above, I lived my teen years in the 90s.  So the names of these polishes really stood out for me.  This Fruit Was Bruised was another of the polishes I bought based on the name.  It’s named after the PJ  Harvey (I mean, how cool was she?) song, ‘Happy and Bleeding’.  I’m not generally a fan of dark purples but I sucked it up and thought, “What the hell?”

That Fruit Was Brusied 3

That Fruit Was Bruised 5


What the hell, indeed!!  I think I literally swooned when I put on this polish.  I wanted to fill my tub with it and bathe in its gloriousness!  Just LOOK at it!  It’s a very deep violet purple that has the best reddish undertones and a nice, bright holo flare. Since there wasn’t any sun, I had to rely on the good old flash to show the rainbows, but I cannot wait to put this beauty on again in the sun someday.


That Fruit Was Bruised 4

Like Backwards and Inside Out, the formula was perfect!  I used a thin first coat and then a slightly thicker second coat to reach this level of opacity.  With only one coat, the red was more visible but I wanted to show this one how it was meant to be enjoyed.


That Fruit Was Bruised 1

And there you have it.  My first foray into the brand Lollipop Posse Lacquer (how cute is that name?).  The shipping was quick and reasonably priced from the US to Canada. I love love love that she released a summer collection filled with dark, vampy colours. It really stands out amongst the crowd. You can buy Lollipop Posse Lacquer here.  I really feel like this is the brand to watch for 2015.

~ Melissa

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