This will be a bit of a different post – Melissa and I are both posting our swatches so you can see how different lighting, skin tone, angles and everything in between can make a polish look different. Settle in for the long haul.  We have swatches, and macros, and gradients. Oh my! 

First up is Enchanted Polish June 2015.

Terra – These polishes are mysteries until they show up at your door and June is the highlight of the year for me. This is a perfect pink holo polish that beautifully covered in one coat. My photos show one coat plus top coat.

June 2015 Macro

June 2015

Melissa – June 2015 is also the highlight of the year for me with the EP monthly mysteries.  I love pink, I love one coaters, and this particular shade of pink flatters my skin tone. I used an LED daylight for lighting.

June 2015 macro

June 2015 2

June 2015

Terra – July is a very light blue-grey polish with a gorgeous holo throughout. It’s definitely pulling more grey on my skin. Again, one coat of polish with top coat.

july macro (2)

july2015 (2)

Melissa – On my skin tone, July looked much more blue.  It’s funny because when Terra and I were discussing it, I told her it looked grey on me.  But once we compared swatches, it was definitely more blue. I used two coats of polish to cover patches and, again, an LED light.  The last picture is with flash (because the sun refuses to shine where I live).

July 2015 macro

July 2015

July 2015 flash

Terra – August just grabbed me because, well, purple. I’m a sucker for anything purple.

 August Macro (2)

August 2015 (2)

Melissa – Of the three monthlies, August is the one that I was least excited for.  I like purples well enough but find it’s the colour that I am least drawn to.  This purple, though? Yeah. Love.  It does pull MORE purple on me than on Terra. It’s creamier and dustier than I have come to expect from Enchanted Polish, so it was the dark horse of the collection for me.  I actually really like it.  One coat, LED light, and flash for the last picture.

August 2015 macro

August 2015

August 2015 2

 And just for the heck of it, here’s all three Enchanted Polish monthlies together in a sponged gradient.  Because we felt we just hadn’t shown you enough pictures today.

Gradient 2


Enchanted Polish will be having a scheduled pre-sale this Sunday for four never before released colours.  Check out for more details. 

Check back on Friday when we look at comparisons of these polishes with others.


~ Terra

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