I’m late to the game posting this because I was away for a while and these polishes arrived the day after I left.  The poor things just sat, unloved, for five weeks until I could get home and show them some attention. These were the polishes from ILNP’s summer collected that I grabbed.  This was after narrowing it down.  It was a huge collection and really beautiful.  There are still a couple I feel like I need to go back and get.

Settle in.  This post is picture heavy.

Closure is a cherry red ultra holo. It leaned a touch pink on my skin tone.  Just the way I like my reds.  


Closure 3

Formula was nice and smooth and it applied easily.  I used two coats for full opacity.


Closure Macro

Float On is another in the ultra holo line.  It is a teal, although I could not get my camera to see that at all.  My swatches are really blue but in person it’s right in the middle of blue and green.  The camera just killed all the green.
Float On 3

Float On 2

I used two coats but the formula was so good I probably could have gotten away with one.  And the holo is blinding.  It reminded me of a bluer Young Turks (CbL).

Float On

Float On Macro

The polish I was most excited for in this whole collection is I See You.  I am a sucker for anything that is gold, especially when it leans towards champagne.  And the holo of this one is stunning.  It can be totally SFW or used for a formal event.  I see this polish getting a lot of wear from me because it acts as a nude with my skin tone.


I See You 3

I See You Macro

I needed three thin coats for coverage, although two probably would have worked.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this polish.

I See You 4

I See You 2

I See You

Super Juiced is a violet purple creme with pink shimmer.  It has such a squishy feel to it.  The shimmer is bright enough that it shines through.

Super Juiced

Super Juiced 2

I needed two coats for opacity and the formula was spot on.

Super Juiced Macro

I will say, though, that I just could not get this polish to look on camera how it looks on the nail.  The camera picked up only blue when the polish really did lean more towards purple.  I tweaked a picture to represent how the polish looked on my hands.  The first is what the camera saw and the second is the edited photo that represents what my eyes were seeing when wearing the polish.

Super Juiced 3 Super Juiced (Edited)


It should come as no surprise to readers of MLC that Paige was the other polish I had my eye on in this collection.  While I will buy and wear almost anything, pink polishes really have my heart. Paige is a medium berry pink with ultra holo.

Paige 3

Paige 2

I could look at pictures of this polish all day.  Wearing it was hazardous because I couldn’t stop looking at it.

Paige 4

I used two coats but could have gotten away with only one if I’d wanted to go a touch heavier handed than I normally do.


Paige Macro

Honor Roll (the Canadian in me wants to fix that spelling!) is a navy ultra holo.  Again, another polish that my camera had a hard time with.  To my eye, the polish looked more like the macro shot than the other swatches.  It reminded me so much of the night sky.

Honor Roll 2

Honor Roll Macro

This polish was a one coater for me.  I love one coat polishes! It means double the manis in a bottle!

Honor Roll

Honor Roll 3

Summer Crush is a bright, almost neon pink creme with golden shimmer.  Golden shimmer! SOLD!  Like Super Juiced the finish was not quite a jelly but did have a real squishy-ness to it. It actually reminded me a lot of Fair Maiden Polish You’re A Virgin Who Can’t Drive (without the larger gold glitter hexes/circles).

Summer Crush 3

Summer Crush Macro

Formula was great and I used three thin coats for full coverage.

Summer Crush 2

Summer Crush

And last but not least is the flakie I grabbed in this collection – Pink Mimosa.  I like flakes IN polish but have never really been a fan of flakes AS polish, you know?  Pink Mimosa is in that latter category, but it just works.  It’s so unique.

Pink Mimosa 2

Pink Mimosa Macro 2

I’m not quite sure how to describe the colour of Pink Mimomsa.  It’s a cross between a pink and a champagne, not quite rose gold, and the flakes definitely give it a more metallic feel without being a metallic polish. When I look back at my notes when swatching, I was texting with my co-blogging partner, Terra, and described it as “I just want to crush it and snort it”.  Not very eloquent, but there it is 🙂

Pink Mimosa 3

Pink Mimosa 4

I used three thin coats for full opacity.  Of all the polishes, this was the thickest, but that makes sense seeing as the flakes would add bulk to the base.  It’s super pretty and I can’t wait to wear this one during the holiday season this year.

Pink Mimosa Macro

Pink Mimosa


Well, there you have it.  I know its a picture heavy post, but sometimes you just need to let the photos talk for themselves.  ILNP can be found at www.ilnp.com or at Nail Polish Canada. These are all still in stock now!  You’re welcome 😉 

~ Melissa

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