Following up to last week’s Essie grab bag I have a few of China Glaze’s most recent polishes. China Glaze, much like Essie, is not my most favourite brand. I typically find the formula thin – requiring too many coats. But these polishes grabbed my attention and I figured I’d give them a shot. I got these online at – a discount nail retailer.

Two are from the 2015 Spring Road Trip Collection: Dashboard Dreamer and Wanderlust. The other is from the Summer 2015 Desert Escape Collection. I did a watermarble with all three of these polishes on my middle two fingers and they watermarbled beautifully.

Let’s start off with Dashboard Dreamer from the Spring Road Trip Collection. Dashboard Dreamer caught my eye a while ago. It’s a super pale blue with this amazing pinky shimmer throughout. The formula was typical of what I expect from CG – very thin and was prone to pooling at my cuticle area. The photo shows 2 coats of polish, plus a third patch over the more streaky areas plus a top coat. The shimmer is subtle, but so pretty. I wish the formula on this one was better.

dashboard dreamer (2)

Wanderlust is also from the Road Trip Collection and also has the amazing shimmer throughout, which isn’t quite as obvious in photos, and sadly had the same thin formula as Dashboard Dreamer. It was prone to pooling and required 2 coats plus a patch up, plus top coat.

wanderlust (2)

Lastly I have Rain Dance the Night Away from the Desert Escape Collection. This polish was my favourite of the bunch, despite the colour being fairly unoriginal. No shimmer to be seen here, this is an aqua creme polish that had the best formula of the three – the photo shows one coat plus top coat.

raindance the night away (3)

You can get these CG polishes in store now – or online. I think I prefer them as part of nail art opposed to polishes on their own. Especially considering the shimmers required more than 2 coats. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

~ Terra

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