Chaos & Crocodiles is one of those brands that I always noticed around but never bought any.  I was already committed to so many brands that adding a new one would have killed my polish budget.  Until I saw swatches of the Once Upon a Unicorn Collection.  I was done for.  They were so gorgeous that I knew I was going to have to try them.  These are the ones that I have so far and the others are patiently waiting for me at home in my mailbox while I am on vacation.  Keep an eye out for those ones in the coming weeks.

Tropical Candy Flowers is a medium pink with a subtle holo.  It is very similar to ILNP Cutie Pop and Enchanted Polish Horizontal Running.

Tropical Candy Flowers 4

I needed one coat for full opacity.  ONE. COAT.

Tropical Candy Flowers

The polish from the collection that I truly fell in love with is Sugar Spun Magic.  I am not a huge fan of purples UNLESS they are these kinds of purples.  Dark almost blue or black purples are not for me, but this medium pink-y purple is what I love.

Spun Sugar Magic


Again, this is one coat for opacity.  I really do love when holos are subtle.    Here’s one more of Sugar Spun Magic.  Well, just because.


Wishing Star Sky is another purple in this collection but I think it’s more periwinkle leaning.  Like her sisters, she has a subtle holo and a very creamy formula.


I needed only one coat for this opacity.  That means double the manicures from one bottle.


And the last one from this set that I have is City in the Clouds.  It’s a gorgeous sky blue creamy holo.  I compared it to my Pretty Bitch Hook Up and Enchanted Polish Water For Unicorns and all three were almost perfect dupes.  


Again, I only needed one coat for this coverage!!

City in the Clouds


Overall as a first impression, Once Upon a Unicorn is a great way to be introduced to a brand.  It’s definitely one that I now follow and stalk on social media to see what will be released.  If you can grab these on the secondary market, I would definitely do so.

~ Melissa

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