I really like dark nail polishes with my skin tone.  However, since it is summer, I’ve been wearing a lot of bright pinks/purples lately.  I was feeling like I needed a change of pace and I had a few untried polishes sitting in a basket, begging to be worn.

One of those was Deborah Lippmann’s Dark Side of the Moon.  In the bottle it looks like a deep blackened purple.  Lippmann’s description of the colour is “absolutely aubergine” and the colour in the bottle was exactly that.  I’m not sure if it was my skin tone or just me, but that colour didn’t translate onto my nails at all.  It doesn’t matter though because I love it anyways. It looks like my favourite glass of red wine.

Like all of my DL polishes, I really enjoyed the application.  I have always found that these polishes are on the thinner side and require three coats, but I like that for the finish and shine you get. The formula is marketed as a creme, but I would describe it as a jelly-ish creme.  It has that squishy quality that I swoon over.  Dark Side of the Moon could have easily gone without a top coat.



~ Melissa

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