Okay, you know those polishes you get that look great in the bottle with a great shimmer and then you put on the nail and it’s just not there and you’re disappointed?

Cult Nails Iconic is not that polish.

This polish looks amazing in the bottle and it does not disappoint on the nail. Gorgeous!

It’s a rich berry red packed full of gold shimmer and red flakies. Yes, that’s right. All that in one polish. The application was a dream and it reached full opacity in two coats. It looks great in the sun with the shimmer flashing but it also looks great in the shade and you can see the flakies better in the shade so both shimmer and flakies get attention in this polish. I got a lot of compliments on this one and two people I know will be ordering it for themselves. That’s right, I’m spreading the polish addiction wherever I can.

Iconic had great wear for me, despite the chip you can see in the shade picture. I’m can be hard on my nails with everyday life and like so many of us in this day and age, I do a whole lot of typing so a polish that wears well is a huge plus. However, slamming your finger in the BBQ while trying to take a picture will do damage to any manicure. Not to mention causing a lot of cursing and swearing. I’ll definitely be wearing this one regularly and it’s now one of my favourite reds.

I accompanied Iconic with an accent nail of A England’s new version of Holy Grail. I never bought the first Holy Grail because it was too yellow for my liking. I like golds but I need a darker gold to pull it off with my skin tone. The blackened, antique gold of the new Holy Grail is perfect for me and the polish is a dream to apply and wears great.

~ Melissa

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