Here at MLC, we like to feature ‘an oldie, but goodie’ every now and again as a Friday Favourite. Today’s Friday Favourite is Enchanted Polish Shrimp Cocktail.

Enchanted Polish is one of those brands that every indie polish collector knows of.  Some of the polishes from EP are very sought after and catch a killing on the secondary market, as they haven’t been released in a long time.  I consider myself a collector of Enchanted, though I have gone through periods of wanting to walk away because of the prices you see second-hand.  But the polishes are just so beautiful and of such great quality that I just couldn’t quit them.  More recently, EP has become more customer friendly, offering longer windows for pre-sales, offering collections as a pre-sale and not an insane restock  like in the past.  I’m hopeful it’s a sign of how things will be in the future.


Shrimp Cocktail is my holy grail of EP polishes.  I searched for this polish for over two years, always seeming to miss it by mere seconds or to be outbid on auctions at the last second.  When I finally nabbed it a few weeks ago during a Facebook group swap weekend, I was ecstatic.  It’s everything I could have ever dreamed it’d be.  Shrimp is a coral with a golden shimmer/tiny flakes.  It’s one of the EP polishes from that time period that isn’t holo.  It’s a bit of a chameleon, though.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it photographed where it looks the same colour in both pictures.


The formula of Shrimp is a touch thinner than the new EP polishes (which I think must have a thicker suspension base), but I actually prefer thinner polishes because I find them easier to apply.  It build up to opacity in two coats.


Shrimp Cocktail hasn’t been released in a while but you can sometimes find them in swap/sell groups or on eBay.

What’s your Friday Favourite polish?

Enchanted Polish can be found at  Since her polishes are limited release, you’d catch them easier if you signed up for the newsletter, which includes all information when sent.

~ Melissa

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