I am loving the neon craze that’s whipping through the indie world these days, but it’s very easy to think that they’re all so similar that you don’t need them all.  Then along comes Fair Maiden with You’re A Virgin Who Can’t Drive……and I’m done.  I *had* to have it.

If you’re familiar with the movie Clueless from the 90s, you’d know that the name of this polish is an homage to it. I adored the movie so I was sold on the name alone.  The polish perfectly captures the tone of the movie.


YAVWCD is a *bright* neon pink creme with gold her glitters and tiny golden microglitter.   It’s so bright that the camera doesn’t actually capture JUST how neon it is.


Application was great.  No digging for glitter and it was opaque with two coats, which is great as I usually find Fair Maiden Polish requires three coats. It did dry a touch matte but I took care of that with a shiny topcoat.



Fair Maiden Polish can be found at fairmaidenpolish.com.  Their customer service is top notch and it really is a brand I highly recommend.

~ Melissa

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