A lot of the bloggers here are part of a nail polish swap box that allows you to do away with colours you’ve fallen out of love with and replace them with new loves. The polish box found its way to me and I was lucky enough to snap up Sephora Pantone’s Rose Dawn. This is from the Universe Jewel Lacquer Collection that Sephora put out last year. Metallic polishes and I usually don’t get along. I find they tend to be streaky and look messy in their application. Rose Dawn pleasantly surprised me.

The first coat was almost perfect, the polish isn’t too thin or too thick and goes on nice and smoothly – especially for a metallic. The colour is a perfect rose gold shade that I love on my skin tone.

I topped this one, as always, with Wicked Fast and the top coat smooths out any slight imperfections in the metallic polish. This is the first of Sephora’s Pantone line that I’ve ever tried and I have to say I like what I see! Will keep my eyes open for other shades in this collection.

Rose Dawn



~ Melissa

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